BRTS 10 year anniversary conference: a brief review

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At the end of the last year Baltic Reformed Theological Seminary celebrated its 10-year anniversary. The main purpose of the Seminary is to train and equip ministers of the Word and church leaders who would be faithful to the Scriptures and their calling. In order to celebrate the anniversary BRTS together with Riga Reformed Bible Church and Riga Reformed Church organized anniversary conference "STAYING FAITHFUL TO THE WORD IN THE CHANGING WORLD". It took place in November 15 in the historical Reformed church in the Old Riga.

Upcoming Course: Worldviews in Western Culture

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Worldviews in Philosophy and Art ----> Information in PDF

Dr. Ted Turnau

August 24 - September 1 (2012)

Upcoming Course - Messianic Message of the Old Testament

Messianic Message of the Old Testament -----> PDF info

Rev. Mark Vander Hart

June 5-28, 2012, on Tuesdays and Thursdays (09:00 - 13:00) 

New Testament History and Canon

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 New Testament History and Canon

Dr. Hans Bayer
March 19-24, 2012

Upcoming Class: Church History 1700 - Today

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Post-Reformation Church History

Dr. Jos Colijn

February 2-11