The aim of the Pastoral program is to prepare men for the Christian ministry who can faithfully preach and teach the Bible. In this program, students gain an in-depth understanding of Scripture interpretation, the defense of the Christian faith, issues of systematic and practical theology, the history of the Christian Church, as well as the basics of biblical Greek and Hebrew.

Details of the program: Length – 5 years. Intensity – 6 courses a year. Duration of the course – 5 working day evenings. Tuition fee – 140 EUR per year. Language of the course: English, with simultaneous translation (upon request).

Between the courses, students study assigned literature and do written work. Studies are conducted in English.

Requirements for potential students

  • bachelor’s degree (not necessarily in theology),
  • sufficient knowledge of English,
  • interview with the admissions committee.

Accreditation and Diploma 

Seminary program is built on basis of related  U.S. Reformed Seminaries M.A. Theological Studies programs. The diploma therefore confirms that student has acquired this program. It is oriented towards value for Church and has commitment to theological values of it.


Subjects Cred.
Church History and Historical Theology 
CH1 Early and Medieval Church History 2
CH2 Reformation Church History and reformed confessions  2
Old Testament and Exegesis
OT1 Biblical Theology 3
OT2 Pentateuch 2
OT3 Books of Prophets 2
OT4 Wisdom and Poetry Literature 2
New Testament and Exegesis
NT1 Hermeneutics 3
NT2 Romans 2
NT3 Gospel of Mark 2
NT4 Acts 2
NT5 Hebrews 2
Systematic Theology

God, Revelation and Inspiration of Scripture

ST2 Christology and Soteriology 2
ST3 Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, Escathology 2
ST4 Ethics 2
ST5 Apologetics 2

More information:

Director of the seminary:
Artis Celmiņš
Phone. +371 29231144