Baltic Reformed Theological Seminary (BRTS) is a developing institution based in Riga, Latvia which is building theological education programs with the academic strength of guest professors from the United States and Europe, having a commitment to serve students in the Baltic countries and beyond.

BRTS was started by its founding professor late Dr. Gerard Van Groningen (in 1998), and is being developed by its main sponsor— International Theological Education Ministries (St.Louis, MO, USA) and a local Board in Riga, Latvia.

BIBLICAL BASIS. At BRTS we are wholeheartedly committed to the inerrancy, inspiration, authority and infallibility of the written Word of God.

DOCTRINAL POSITION. We unconditionally subscribe to the teachings of the Word of God as presented in the ecumenical creeds, the Apostolic, Nicene, Athanasian creeds and to the historic Reformed creeds, namely: Westminster Confession of Faith; Westminster shorter and larger catechisms; Heidelberg catechism; Canons of Dordt; Belgic confession. Faculty and Board are required to adhere to these standards. Students, however are welcome from other doctrinal positions, too.

RELATIONSHIP TO CHURCHES. BRTS is not owned nor controlled by any specific denomination but functions in close relationship with Reformed churches in the Baltic countries. This commitment consists of theological education formed by a confessional allegiance rather than a denominational affiliation. Relationship with overseas churches and seminaries is being developed and BRTS is open to it.

LANGUAGE. The main language of studies at BRTS is English. Translation is is provided as an option, when possible (simultaneous translation of lectures, study materials).

ACADEMIC STANDING. BRTS diploma is not government accredited but is oriented towards the value for church and in subservient to its standards. It is recognised by Reformed church bodies in the Baltics, also BRTS is seeking to partner with churches in the region to provide training.

At the same time BRTS offers qualified graduates (by fulfilling additional requirements) a possibility to pursue an accredited degree with help of partner institutions in United States and Europe.

CONTACTS: Akas street 13, Riga, Latvia, LV-1011. Phone +37126356030, e-mail:

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