Program description

Christians have personal and interpersonal struggles. Jesus Christ knows those struggles and cares about us and enters in. He is the one who brings about significant change in people’s lives. And because this is what he does, he is preeminently relevant to counseling.

The good news of Jesus Christ is meant to be preached, taught, and counseled with relevance to individual people. Church members continually need biblically qualified and agape motivated help to live out our Christian life each day step by step till we come home. And God uses Christian community to transform his people.

Therefore, in order to equip the church to be this kind of transforming community, we want to prepare a generation of biblically qualified and agape motivated counselors and shepherds.

Program is suitable for church members from different denominations.

Registration is open for the Autumn 2023 term.

Organizational information  

Length of the program – 3 years. Intensity – 5 courses a year. Duration of the course – 5 working day evenings. Tuition fee – 140 EUR per year. Language of the course: English, with simultaneous translation (upon request).

Between the courses, students study assigned literature and do written work.

Closing courses in the 2020 – 2023 program:

Counseling Children and adolescents
Dr. Jim Newheizer and Caroline Newheizer
February 13 – 17, 2023

Theology and secular Psychology
Ellen Oosterhuis (the Netherlands)
April 17 – 21, 2023

Counseling Practicum
Dr. Andrew H. Selle (assisted by Mrs. Dawna S. Selle) (USA)
May 29 – June 2, 2023

Plan for the new program cycle 2023 – 2026:

Foundational year:

“An Overview of Christian Counseling”
October, 2023

Method of Biblical Counseling
February, 2024

Counseling in the local church 
April, 2024

Theological Anthropology
May, 2024

Second year (Topics of Biblical counseling):

Marriage counseling
October, 2024

Biblical interpretation
November, 2024

Counseling Problems and Procedures
February, 2025

Counseling and Physiology
April, 2025

Doctrine of God
May, 2025

Third year (Counseling skills and practice):

Christian Worldview and Apologetics
October, 2025

November, 2025

Counseling Children and adolescents
February, 2026

Theology and secular Psychology
April, 2026

Counseling Practicum
May – June, 2026

Lecturers in Biblical Counseling program 

Dr. Andrew H. Selle (assisted by Mrs. Dawna S. Selle) (USA)
Dr. Jim Newheizer and Caroline Newheizer (USA)
Ellen Oosterhuis (the Netherlands)
Mark Vander Hart (USA)
Dr. Sacha Walicord (USA)
Dr. Mark Kelderman (USA)